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Meet WillY & Hilly

we're day dreamers & night thinkers. Specializing in love stories & elopement photography in the Bay area. Read on!

Hello Couples, Families, and humans in general! I'm just a website, don't mind me, but it's an honor for me to introduce you to two of the most creative, funny, and talented photographers in the business, Willy and Hilly. 

And let me tell you before I forget, they make a fantastic team.

They bring their unique perspectives and talents to every project. Together, they create memories that will last a lifetime.

They'll work with you to create a photography style that feels authentic and true to who you are as a couple. And if you're not sure what that is, don't worry – they'll help you figure it out!


Born in Rome, Italy, Hilly has spent her life exploring new places and capturing life's beauty through her lens.

Alongside her husband Will, she's spent over eight years specializing in wedding, family, and newborn photography.

More than just capturing the aesthetics, they focus on immortalizing the raw emotions that make your special day unique. Hilly's passion for her work shines through in every photograph, ensuring client satisfaction by going the extra mile.
Her talent lies in capturing the smallest, most meaningful moments in a way that's both beautiful and authentic, making each photograph truly special.


Willy, a passionate photographer and videographer, has spent years capturing stunning landscapes and intimate moments. Alongside his wife Hilly, they've been creating unforgettable memories for over eight years.
He is an FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot, skilled in capturing breathtaking aerial moments, both candid and posed, from the sky.

As a musician, Willy brings a unique touch to their wedding videos, ensuring perfect audio and mood-setting music. Known for his vibrant personality, he makes clients feel at ease, resulting in photos and videos that truly reflect their personalities.

If you're seeking a talented, creative, and fun-loving photographer and videographer, Willy is your go-to professional, ready to capture your special day with style and a sense of enjoyment.

Thank you for reading, and go to knock on their door!

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As a team, we can be more flexible in accommodating the needs of both of you, such as being in two places at once during the wedding.


Working together for a long time, we can operate efficiently and smoothly, ensuring that your wedding day photography goes without a hitch.

 Local Knowledge

We bring intimate local knowledge to our wedding photography. We're well-versed in the city's hidden gems, perfect for capturing unique and stunning shots that truly embody the spirit of the Bay Area.


We collaborate with our couples to tailor our approach to their unique weddings. While each big day is distinct, we remain committed to authenticity, always staying true to our artistic vision and style.

...the thrill of catching that perfect, candid moment, the warmth of a genuine smile, and the sparkle in the eyes of a couple in love.

...the thrill of catching that perfect, candid moment, the warmth of a genuine smile, and the sparkle in the eyes of a couple in love.

 ... is exploring the beautiful landscapes of San Francisco and finding the perfect backdrop for each couple's unique story. the beautiful diversity of weddings in San Francisco, from different cultures and traditions to unique venues and settings.


What we love... the magic of love and the beauty of togetherness, and we strive to encapsulate these elements in every frame. Above all, we believe in providing a personalized and memorable experience for every couple we work with, creating timeless images that they can cherish for a lifetime. building connections with the couples we work with, ensuring their comfort and happiness while we create lasting memories through our lenses.

 ...each couple has a distinct story, a unique dynamic, and a special way of expressing their love that inspires us, and we believe in the magic of turning 'I do' into 'I can't believe they got that on camera!


We Believe...