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SF BAy AREA Elopement Photography: Timeless & True

Your Elopement, Our Expertise

As husband and wife elopement photographers, we love capturing intimate weddings across the San Francisco Bay Area. From breathtaking beachscapes to romantic cityscapes, we'll photograph your special day in the location that best tells your story. Whether that's an adventure elopement under the Golden Gate Bridge or a romantic vineyard wedding, our cameras won't miss a single magical moment. With our expert hands behind the lens, your elopement memories will be as breathtaking as the Bay Area itself.

SF Bay Area Elopements: Every Photo,
a Love Story

The SF Bay Area Elopement Photographer Committed to Telling Your Love Story

  • Our mission is to combine effortless, stress-free photography with the stunning backdrops of the SF Bay Area. We kick things off with a laid-back consultation to get to know your unique love story and vision for the day. This is followed by a creative planning session where we scout the perfect Bay Area locations, curate a personalized shot list, and map out the timeline for your elopement.
  • A few weeks before your big day, we send out a comprehensive survey to lock in the final details, ensuring a smooth and serene experience.
  • On your special day, we're there to capture every emotion and unrepeatable moment. As your SF elopement photographer, we create a unique collection that tells your story.
  • Within two to four weeks, you'll receive an email link to a full gallery of your SF Bay Area elopement photos and videos. Download them, share them, create albums, prints, notes for loved ones.

SF Bay Area Wedding Photos: The Magic of Micro Weddings:

Micro weddings in the San Francisco Bay Area are a wedding photographer's dream and a couple's paradise. As a husband and wife  SF Bay Area wedding photographer, we've captured the intimate charm and unique details that only smaller celebrations can offer. From breathtaking SF Bay Area wedding photos against iconic backdrops like the Golden Gate Bridge to capturing the essence of love in a cozy vineyard, micro weddings allow for more personalized and creative wedding photography in the Bay Area. Trust us, if you're considering a smaller scale wedding, the Bay Area is the perfect canvas for memories that will last a lifetime.

The Perfect Backdrop: Elopement Photography in the SF Bay Area

Looking for iconic spots for micro weddings or elopement  in the SF Bay Area? We've got some top picks to inspire you."

  • Palace of Fine Art - San Francisco
  • San Francisco Botanical Garden 
  • Shakespeare Garden - San Francisco
  • San Francisco City Hall 
  • Japanese Tea Garden - San Francisco 
  • The Terrace Room - Oakland
  • Meadowood - Napa Valley
  • The Lavender Labyrinth and Flower Gardens - Santa Rosa
  • Tcp Stonebrae Country Club - Hayward
  • Brownstone Gardens - Oakley
  • Slide Ranch -Sausalito

We’re excited! Share your vision with us and we’ll work out the best plan for your SF Bay Area Elopement.

Bay Breeze

Ceremony + Couple Portraits 
Up to 2 hours
2 photographers
Minimum 140 Edited Photos

Fog City 

Everything in Bay Breeze + Group Portraits
Up to 3 hours
2 photographers
Minimum 210 Edited Photos

First Kiss

everything in Fog City + Partial Reception
up to 4 Hours
2 photographers
Minimum 280 Edited Photos

Love's Journey 
Ask for more info

Everything in Fog City + Video
Up to 3 hours
2 cine-photographers
Photos & Video
Minimum 210 Edited Photos
Highlight video in 4k up to 3 minutes

Hall of Love
Ask for more info

Everything in Fog City + Reception + Video
Up to 6 hours
2 cine-photographers
Photos & Video
Minimum 300 Edited Photos
Highlight video in 4k up to 5 minutes


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We’d love to create a package for you. You don’t need to fit your City Hall Elopement or wedding  in our packages.
We can customize a package base on your needs, ceremony, timeline, your theme, your photographic style. 

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: SF Bay Area Elopement Photography Packages

Our SF Bay Area elopement photos are crafted to reflect the unique personality of each couple

  • Travel Fee Policy: We keep it budget-friendly so you can focus on your special day. This isn't just a job for us; elopements are our passion. We're thrilled to be part of your unique love story.
  • Adventure-Ready: We're not just photographers; we're adventurers at heart. Hiking to a remote spot for the perfect shot? Count us in.
  • Drone Policy & FAA Compliance: Before adding any drone fees, we verify that your chosen location is drone-friendly in line with FAA regulations. You can trust us to ensure aerial shots are both epic and legal.
  • Photo Delivery: Expect more than just the minimum. We meticulously edit and deliver a generous selection of standout shots, elevating your elopement memories.
  • Weather-Ready with Options: We're set to capture your elopement in nearly any weather, but keep in mind that extreme conditions can affect outcomes. or those less-than-ideal days, we offer location recommendations that still make for unique memories. Want an epic signature photo regardless of the weather? We offer background replacement for that ultimate wow factor.
  • Free Consultation & Hidden Gems: If you're not sure where to start, we offer complimentary consultations to help you discover offbeat and lesser-known NorCal locations that could be the hidden gems of your elopement. Reach out for insider tips and personalized guidance.

Why choose us as your photographers for your SF Bay Area Elopement ?

  • We tune into your vision, avoiding forced poses or styles that don't reflect your personality. Tailor your package to fit your needs.
  • With two photographers on deck, you'll benefit from a variety of lenses and perspectives, meaning more photos you'll love.
  • Our ability to read and capture the emotional nuances of your elopement sets us apart, ensuring that the photos are not just beautiful but also meaningful.
  • We always come prepared with backup equipment to ensure that no technical issue interferes with capturing your special moments.
  • We maintain open lines of communication from the initial consultation through the delivery of your photos, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • We're experts on the best lighting conditions throughout the year and the day.
  • Our blend of experience and creativity ensures you'll get photos as unique as your love story.

Don't wait: book with us now to start planning your unforgettable San Francisco City Hall wedding!